Chapter Meeting Format

The Board of Directors suggest that the weekly Chapter Meetings contain the following components:

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM  The Chapter Meeting will last one (1) and 1/2 hours and contain the following components as scheduled by the Music Leadership Team and the Chapter President:

  • Singing “The Old Songs” as an opening activity;
  • Business meeting to conduct the administrative activities of the Chapter;
  • Vocal warm up activities;
  • Sectional work when appropriate;
  • Work on Show Songs
  • Some form of small group singing (Quartets, VLQ, etc)
  • Review Repertoire Songs
  • Continued work on new songs for the chorus to learn; and
  • Learn a Tag

8:28 PM to 8:30 PM  Chorus sings Keep the Whole World Singing

The Board recommends these weekly components to the Music Leadership Team with the clear understanding that the schedule may need to change based on unique and specific circumstances as major contests, shows and performances dictate.

Rev. 26 January 2022